Our eating habits change over time. The kitchen becomes more diverse. There is a larger variety available. Next to our traditional dishes, meals with flavours from all over the world pop up. Vegan and vegetarian variants and religious convictions like Kosher and Halal are reaching our plates. But through this entire evolution, one constant remains. The consumer always has liked and continue to like to eat soup.

For many, a meal without soup is incomplete. It's known to have numerous advantages. It's easy to eat, you can change the flavour infinitely, you absorb at the same time a large quantity of moisture and you can reduce food spilling. These are just a few examples.

Product Range

Onion Cream, Onion Lyonnais, Asparagus, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mushroom, Cresson, Pea, Goulash, Jardinière, Chervil, Chicken Cream, Chicken, Spring, Minestrone, Leek, Celery, Tomato, Tomato-vegetables, Tomato-pumpkin, Carrot



  • Fast preparation
  • High yield
  • Wide product range
  • Long shelf life
  • Traditional flavour
  • Reduced waste
Soep aangepast

Flandria Foods has a tradition of almost one hundred years in developing and producing soups for professional use. The expectations in a central kitchen or a restaurant kitchen are different compared to these in a private kitchen of a consumer at home.

The professional chef wants to score with his audience with his recipes but he cannot forget the financial side and the profitability. Exactly for these two contradictions at first sight, Flandria Foods offers a solid answer. Hospitals, schools, catering, soup producers and industry in general, realise very well what this means and have found their way to our products already a long time ago.

The soup range of Flandria Foods consists of more than 20 different flavours that can be served as a finished product or that can be used as a base for developing your own unique recipe. Only your creativity is the limiting factor.

The soups are offered in powder form to maximize your storage capacity. This physical form also guarantees a long shelf life. So you don't have to deal with ordering and receiving goods every week. You can put your precious time into activities that you enjoy doing and that directly generate profit.

We all have to deal with sustainably of the environment and the available raw materials. Superfluous packaging, double packaging or too small portion packaging greatly increases the mountain of waste and the associated costs. Flandria Foods' 10kg or 20kg packaging reduces your waste and your costs.

That little extra

If you want give your soups that little extra, please check out what the Flandria Foods broths are capable of.

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