Low sodium soups

Not everyone can eat what he likes. On the one hand, you have an ever-growing group of people who are allergic to one substance or another. Although the effect of an allergic reaction should not be underestimated, products that address this problem are more likely general products. Allergen-free broths can be used for this.

On the other hand, more and more people have to be careful with their salt intake. There is usually a medical reason for this. Heart problems or reduced kidney function force patients to consume less salt.

Salt is the most widely used and cheapest flavour enhancer. This ingredient gives a dish a full, rounded flavour. If a dish or meal contains too little salt, it tastes "bland". By denying people access to salt, they miss out on a great deal in terms of quality taste experience.

Flandria Foods wants to help these people improve their quality of life. By developing a full range of low-sodium soups and broths, these consumers also have a wide range at their disposal. As a result, there is enough variety in their diet, which in turn grows their appetite.

Hospitals and care homes also make good use of these solutions.

Low sodium soups

Product Range

  • low sodium onion cream soup

  • low sodium asparagus soup

  • low sodium mushroom soup

  • low sodium jardinière soep

  • low sodium chervill soup

  • low sodium "queens" soup

  • low sodium leek soup

  • low sodium tomato soup



The low-sodium soups have the same properties as Flandria Foods' standard soups. In addition, these soups comply with the legal requirement for a product to be labelled as "low-sodium".

The soups are offered in powder form to maximise storage capacity. This physical form also guarantees a long shelf life.

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