Flandria Foods launches Protein-rich soups. Discover the advantages of these products on this website.
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Do you want to know our flavouring products?

Do you want to know our flavouring products?

Flandria Foods, your partner

For 4 generations, Flandria Foods has been developing and producing soups, sauces and broths for the larger kitchens. Originally started in 1920 with the production of pasta, the family owned business has evolved into a renowned producer of solutions that help the professional chef to score with his audience.

After the first decades of business activity, it soon became clear that Flandria Foods wanted to go further than the production of vermicelli for soups. The soup market in itself appealed and the family owned business could play an important role in this. It wasn't just about finished powder soups. A cook has long known that a suitable broth can do wonders in his dish. Since 1957, the product catalog has been given a complete makeover and soups, sauces and broths are on the menu.

In line with the evolving market and its expectations, investments are systematically made in the development of new flavours, new market trends and answers to the needs of today. Spurred on by the increasingly demanding customer, Flandria Foods is constantly pushing its limits towards ever better food safety. One hundred years after the start of this family owned business, Flandria Foods is more than ever ready to draw “the lines” of modern soups, sauces and broths together with you.